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Giving hope to the children of

Millions of children in Pakistan do not have a quality education

Help us in giving them a future


Starfish Pakistan is an institution that aims to provide the Christian community of Pakistan with equal opportunities and a greater degree of social inclusion via education, to combat the discrimination and injustice they are often subjected to.

Who We Are

Our mission is to provide support, fully or in part to educational initiatives geared towards, but not exclusive to the Christian minority of Pakistan, in hopes that this will aid and improve both their economic standing and levels of social inclusion. This includes collaboration with, and the establishment of schools, vocational centers, orphanages and the like.


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Starfish Pakistan has helped support numerous initiatives geared towards educating the Christian community across Pakistan.

Starfish Pakistan realizes the importance of establishing a strong foundation for young minds and strives to train their educators accordingly.

Starfish strives to fulfill the needs of its students beyond their secondary education, in terms of both vocational training and educational scholarships.

Starfish has undertaken responsibility for various homes that cater to the needs of blind children.

Starfish helps establish orphanages for the destitute, such as the Abba Home which houses and provides for 32 Christian girls

What We Do
Our Story

help eradicate illiteracy  

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